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Catalonia to declare immediate independence if ‘yes’ wins referendum
Catalonia to declare immediate independence if ‘yes’ wins referendum


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(FromL) President of AMI (Association of
Municipalities for Independence) Neus Lloveras,
Catalan regional vice-President and chief of
Economy and Finance, Oriol Junqueras,
President of the Catalan regional government
Carles Puigdemont, President of the Catalan
parliament Carme Forcadell and President of
ANC (Catalan National Assembly) Miquel Buch
pose with other mayors of Catalonia at the end
of the event dubbed "Local world for
Referendum" organized by ANC (Catalan
National Assembly) and AMI (Association of
Municipalities for Independence) at the
University of Barcelona on July 1, 2017. / AFP

Catalonia will declare independence
"immediately" if a majority of the Spanish
region's voters opt for independence in a
Scotland-style referendum called for October,
its ruling coalition said Tuesday.

"If the majority of votes are for creating a
Catalan republic, obviously independence will
have to be declared immediately," said Gabriela
Serra, a member of the separatist coalition that
governs Catalonia.

Her comments came as the coalition
introduced a law aimed at extracting the
northeastern region from Spain's legal system,
in a bid to circumvent all legal and practical
challenges to organising a referendum.

It will be submitted to a vote in the regional
parliament, where separatists hold a majority,
at the end of August.

Catalonia, a wealthy region of 7.5 million
inhabitants with its own language and customs,
has long demanded greater autonomy.

For years separatist politicians in the region
have tried to win approval from Spain's central
government to hold a vote similar to
Scotland's 2014 independence referendum
from Britain, which resulted in a "no" vote.

But Madrid has remained steadfast in its
opposition to such a vote, which it considers a
threat to Spain's unity, and this time is no

The Constitutional Court has already quashed a
resolution approved by Catalonia's parliament
calling for the referendum to take place.

It has also warned Catalan's elected officials
that they will face legal consequences if they
take any steps towards holding such a vote.
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Catalonia to declare immediate independence if ‘yes’ wins referendum';


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