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Biafrexit: The Threats Are Real, Nigeria Might Prove U.S Right Under Buhari
Biafrexit: The Threats Are Real, Nigeria Might Prove U.S Right Under Buhari


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Signs that the Nigerian state may cave in
have become too ominous to ignore.

The growing demand by South-East
groups to have a separate state, Biafra,
and the ultimatum issued by Northern
youths on Ndigbo to vacate the North on
or before October 1, 2017, has left many
discerning minds asking if the United
States’ prediction of imminent break up of
Nigeria will come to pass under President
Muhammadu Buhari’s government.

Presently, a number of Nigerians,
following the situation in the country,
have argued that except and unless the
country is restructured there may be
nothing stopping it from heading to
These prominent Nigerians and groups
which include Chief Kalu Idika Kalu,
Edwin Clark, Alhaji Balarabe Musa,
Afenifere, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, among
several others, have continued to call for
true federalism as panacea to the likely
doom looming over the continued
existence of the country.

According to Musa, Nigeria’s continued
existence depends largely on the grace of
God as the country is fast moving
towards a failed state.

In 2006, the US Central Intelligence
Agency (CIA) was reported to have
predicted that Nigeria would no longer be
in existence by 2015.

However, 2015 came and passed and
Nigeria failed to break up as allegedly
predicted by the US. But as many
believed, the timely conceding of defeat by
then incumbent President Goodluck
Jonathan to President Buhari before
official announcement of the election
results, did much to avert the dooms day
Nonetheless, two years after surviving the
2015 prediction of a possible break up,
Nigeria is at the moment faced with a
serious threat which if not properly
handled, will eventually lead to the
fulfillment of the prediction it escaped in

Since the emergence of Buhari, a Muslim
from the North two years ago, the
demand for the restoration of Biafra,
which though preceded his
administration, by different groups and
people from the South-Eastern part of
Nigeria has continued to gather
momentum at an alarming level, both
locally and internationally.

Biafra separated from Nigeria and existed
for three years between 1967 and 1970
before it was reintegrated into the country
following defeat in the civil war that
ensued as a result of the separation.
Except as witnessed in 1967, the agitation
for the separation of Biafra from Nigeria
has taken on a more vociferous nature by
South easterners, who are now hinging
the reasons for the agitation on
marginalization, neglect,
underdevelopment and short change of
the region.

While the arrest and detention of the
Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader,
Nnamdi Kanu, for about a year and six
months may have contributed in fueling
the agitation.
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Biafrexit: The Threats Are Real, Nigeria Might Prove U.S Right Under Buhari';


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